Sunday, July 26, 2009

Corner Office - Carol Smith - Carol Smith of Elle - Women Are Better Managers - Question -

Carol Smith teaches us about leadership:
* Win over people, instead of bossing them
* "to-do lists"- prioritize, get through them, confront problems that show up
* Learn to be like women managers- better advisers, mentors, rational thinkers
* Men and women working together is best combination
* Get out of our "comfort zones" and walk around, see what is happening.
* Learn to give speeches, presentations
* Managing Time- Allocate time (Sundays are good) for getting email and other things out of the way.
* When hiring- See people at least 3 times, once over a meal, to determine if he/she will connect with others and be part of the team.

Importance of Having a Clear Mission

Important message about having a clear vision and mission for ourselves and for whatever we do.

"We succeeded because of the mission," says Mitchell Baker, chairwoman of Mozilla. She is called the "conscience" of the company. "Firefox was faster, safer and blocked pop-ups. It also offered some compelling innovations, like tabs, which allowed users to have multiple pages open inside a single browser window."

Each of us needs to have a clear mission for ourselves and for any ventures that we are associated with.
Find some examples of good Mission Statements and share them in comments below.
You might start at Wikipedia: