Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leadership Lessons- Create a file of best thoughts

Corner Office - Kip Tindell - Three Good Workers Equal One Who’s Great - Interview -

Leadership Lessons from Kip Tindell CEO of the Container Store.
*Relentlessly communicate everything to every employee- Leadership and Communication are the same thing. (Learn to communicate effectively)
* One Great Person could be as productive as 3 good people. So, pay 50-100% more for great people. (What makes someone great and how do we learn to become great?)
* Hire people you like personally. (Learn to be LIKED).
* Hire people who are a culture fit.(what is your culture?)
* Intuition does have a place in the work force. It is the sum total of your life experience. So- Broaden your experience
* Create a mutually beneficial relationship with everyone you work with. (win,win,win)
* Work to create an "Air of Excitement" around everything you do.
* Mold a business/ career around your philosophy.
* Everyone creates a "wake" around themselves. Everything you do and don't do impacts your business, the people and the world around you, far more than you can imagine.
* Make a file of all the best thoughts- then make them part of your life.