Sunday, September 5, 2010

Economic View - College Studies for the Business of Life -

Skills for Life- for you personally and so that you will be better prepared for success in your career.
* Learn Some Economics- The "ordinary business of life" will be your most pressing concern. Be Prepared for poor economy. -Learn to see, understand, analyze "the forces swirling around you" and how they influence what you are working on.
-Embrace "rigorous analytical skills"
* Learn Some Statistics/ Probability
-Learn to use FACTS- research, analyze, use to make decisions
- "Number Crunching"- know its potential as well as its limitation
* Learn basics of Finances
-Stocks vs.bonds, mortgages
-"Risks and Returns/ Rewards"
-Get maximum return from your investment in college
* Learn Some Psychology- basic material for leadership and working with others
-flaws in human rationality
- Dealing with Uncertainty, be prepared, confident, flexible
* Advice- Listen but then follow your instincts and PASSIONS
* You hold the future, The Future is not certain. Prepare for Emerging Industries.