Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preoccupations - Hearing the Right Notes From a Job Candidate -

Advice on how to prepare yourself effectively for a job, from Carl Diehl, co-owner of the Bar Method.
* Creativity and Problem Solving- Most of the applicants seemed to be wonderful people with great skills and at least some experience. But could they think creatively and solve problems? Most of them said they could. But I needed some proof.
* Understand- about the company, the competition, how they are distinguishing themselves, and why.
* Instead of talking about specific skills, talk about how you might apply what you have learned, to benefit the company.
* Understand human personality- Enneagram- which one seemed to fit you best? What are the complexities of your personality?
* What are the "dark side" of that personality type? Focusing on performance and accomplishing tasks, but can be oblivious to the emotional needs of themselves and others.
* Use imagination, intellect, energy and power of concentration to solve problems
* Passion- "the same passion that helped her master the violin is now helping our company grow."