Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 APR 10

Corner Office - Fuse’s Co-Founder - Scoreboards Aren’t Everything - Interview -

Important Lessons:

* Establish a Culture of Winning-
"I was in this culture of winning, where all the coaches, the players, the kids in that high school and the administrators expected us to win... everyone was judged on how we played."
* Understand the Belief System of others- "I try to evaluate decisions based on what the 25-32 year olds ..are trying to get out of their career, what they want in a workplace."
* Help people develop confidence, independence- "I would rather have somebody make a mistake .. than have to go through an enormous amount of teaching to make the person 'client ready'"
* Giving Feedback- "..being direct is not a personal attack. When my coach was coming down on me or somebody else, I never thought he was doing it for any other reason than he wanted us, as a team, to be on the same page and to be the best that we could be."
* Understanding What is Happening- "If you don't go down the hall and talk to people, you're not going to know the real challenges."

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