Sunday, September 5, 2010

Economic View - College Studies for the Business of Life -

Skills for Life- for you personally and so that you will be better prepared for success in your career.
* Learn Some Economics- The "ordinary business of life" will be your most pressing concern. Be Prepared for poor economy. -Learn to see, understand, analyze "the forces swirling around you" and how they influence what you are working on.
-Embrace "rigorous analytical skills"
* Learn Some Statistics/ Probability
-Learn to use FACTS- research, analyze, use to make decisions
- "Number Crunching"- know its potential as well as its limitation
* Learn basics of Finances
-Stocks vs.bonds, mortgages
-"Risks and Returns/ Rewards"
-Get maximum return from your investment in college
* Learn Some Psychology- basic material for leadership and working with others
-flaws in human rationality
- Dealing with Uncertainty, be prepared, confident, flexible
* Advice- Listen but then follow your instincts and PASSIONS
* You hold the future, The Future is not certain. Prepare for Emerging Industries.

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Anonymous said...

follow the burt swersey method, make stuff up and if it doesnt work make some more stuff up, then lie to all the people and win all the prizes!